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November 2012
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Fuck right off!!


Don't like asking for things but if anyone has a copy of the IDA plugin BinDiff (by SABRE Security) please get in touch, sure we can work something out. Ideally after version 2, but if v1.* is perfectly fine as long as you know which version of IDA it runs under.


	PUSH offset _SehExit
	INC EAX				; if ring3 debugger is present memory will be allocated
	CMP DWORD PTR[EAX],0FEEEFEEEh	; and it will contain 0xFEEEFEEE bytes at the end of alloc. 
		JNE _loop		; This will only happen if ring3 debugger is present!
	DEC [Tries]			; If there is no debugger SEH will fire and take control.
		JNE _loop
		JMP ExitPrg		; Note: This code works only on NT systems!
	POP FS:[0]
		JMP _RunMe


Ring 3 anti step tracing? Done!

Update tomorrow, I'm tried.

I woke her ... was out to loose either way really. If I didn't she'd be mad, if I did I wouldn't get to look upon her, in a totally non-pervy way of course!

Might as well update this properly while I'm here I guess, excuse any tangents I go off on, enjoying a nice vodka coke and some tangy smoke at the moment.

Spending less and less time on my decks these days, Ableton is just drawing me in deeper and deeper every time I fire it up ... I've not even started plugging in any hardware devices yet and I'm so excited by it. Don't get me wrong, I'll always love my decks, nothing like chopping up a nice breaks set on nothing more than a pair of 1210's. But they are limited, yeah you can use loops and certain effects on new CD player, but I'm still playing a loop of someone elses track. With Ableton I can have 10 tracks (or more) playing at once, I don't have to worry about nudge buttons or time correction, I can get on with what I want to do, make the music my own and different every time ... How, no, why the fuck have I started rabbiting on about Ableton? Meh!

Been hitting the gym pretty hard recently, taking the odd short cut that I said I wouldn't do again here and there. Still, I've put on a stone (6.3kg) in just under a month so I'm not going to complain, town for some downtime now I think.

Creamfields tomorrow, God let's hope it's better than last years!!

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Do I wake her or do I leave her sleep?

My little sister got married today, she probably will never read this but nice one anyway sis' :)

Yay me, I dislocated my shoulder (glenohumeral) by dropping a dumb bell on it. Hurt a bit but the worst part was the 'pop' when the nurse decided to pull it back in ... without pain killers. What's the world coming to when a guy can't get a little morphine huh?

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"Las Vegas (NV) – In a sweltering hot parking lot, a young woman clutches her purse and runs to her car, chased by dozens of people. But she’s not being robbed because the mob in pursuit - a strange mix of Defcon attendees, press and security personnel – just want pictures and video of the undercover reporter that’s just been outted by Defcon officials"

Michelle Madigan chased by Goons

So happy about this :) :) :)


Chris Lake on the Essential Mix tonight ... Check it!

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I've come to the decision that all sun glasses should come with a warning label attached. Nothing about UVA or UVB, nothing about safety standards or keeping away from small children, but the fact that if you decide to actually use the shade for, well, shading your eyes from the sun, in a few hours you will look like Ming Ming the giant panda!
Thanks a bunch Oakley!

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I think my luck is in today.
Firstly I saw a kestrel swoop down and grab one of the sparrow in my garden, always wanted to see a bird of prey make a kill close up, and here I was, no more that 4 feet away and a pane of glass between us. Awesome!

Then I weighed myself (first time for a week) and I've put of 4 kg! Turns out this weight lifting lark actually works, who'd have thunk it? Bonus!

Finally I just received a text of a friend of mine called Chris. Turns out there is a warrant out for his arrest because he forgot to pay his council tax! Ha! He'll not get in trouble as he's not shy of a bob or two, he's just had a few too many party prescriptions in his life and his memory is shot!

But could this day get any better?!? Oh God I hope so.

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